Marketing your video production company online can be hard work.

You might feel like the big players seem to get all the limelight while your own online profile isn’t helping you to grow as much as you’d like.

It’s true that the online world can be tough, but of course, it’s an essential part of marketing for most businesses these days. In fact, 70-80% of people will research a business online before visiting or making contact with a business.

Unless you have an endless word-of-mouth clientele, you need your business to show up well online. (And even if word-of-mouth has been working, someone is probably going to search you online!)

Here are some key strategies for nailing down a solid online marketing strategy:

#1. Do your market research

Even if you’ve been in business for years, regular market research is important. Which markets are available to you and in-demand? What is the state of your competitors? Who do you ideally want to target as a customer? What sort of rates are other companies charging?

By understanding the market, you can build an online strategy that effectively targets the customers you would like to attract. You can understand their frustrations, pain points, goals and wants.

You can also use your research to your competitive advantage. For example, you can find:

  • What your competitors are doing well and what they need to improve. (A SWOT analysis, listing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is a useful tool for this).
  • What clients of your competitors are saying. Sometimes you can get great ideas from the reviews people write, both from the positive and negative.
  • What strategies seem to be working for your competitors online.
  • Any underserved target markets.
  • What rates other companies are charging for similar services.

A note on that last point; it’s not that you want to compete by undercutting on rates. That’s not a great strategy for attracting good customers, or for the bottom line of your business! People often connect prices with value, so may assume that the “cheap” company doesn’t offer the best work. Besides that, you can help contribute to a perception around what people should expect to pay, and you don’t want that to be too low!

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#2. Use your website effectively

We recently posted an article on how to create an effective video production website. It’s surprising how many businesses aren’t using their websites effectively. You could look at it as your digital shopfront – what do you want people to see when they look in the window?

We went over a number of points about what makes a website effective in our article, so we won’t get too repetitive here. The big takeaway is that your website needs to be client-focused, not “me” focused. No matter how awesome your video production talent is, the thing the customer really cares about is what’s in it for them.

From the moment a potential client lands on your homepage, they should be able to easily see what you do, who you do it for, and the key benefit/s they can expect from working with you.

In terms of marketing online, SEO plays an important role. While that’s a massive topic (with around 200 ranking factors used by Google!), you should always focus on getting the basics right. Do your keyword research to find the best terms to target. Use your keywords in the right places, such as meta descriptions and headers. Get good quality backlinks to your website (from other websites) and importantly, make sure your site is of high quality! That means no glitches, good load speeds, a mobile-friendly design and high quality content.

#3. Prioritize effective lead generation

Lead generation is an important part of using your website effectively. You can also generate leads through other platforms that you use, such as social media.

What does lead generation entail? Well, it’s any way you can capture the details of potential clients so that you’re able to keep in touch with them. For example, on this website we have a “lead magnet” on the homepage. You’ll see that we offer a free guide on things video production companies can do to get more clients, in exchange for an email address.

Lead magnets that help your target audience with a problem they are concerned about can be very effective, but they’re not the only lead generation strategy available. A classic is the sign-up form for an email newsletter. On ecommerce sites you’ll often see “sign up to get a discount off your first order.”

Other lead generation strategies might be specific to different content that you have. For example, if you have a blog post on “5 Key Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Climbing Business,” you might offer a lead magnet that relates to or goes deeper into one of the five main points.

Social media is another good place to generate leads. You can have sign-up buttons on Facebook, or you can direct people back to your website to sign up.

The main point is that your online efforts shouldn’t be passive – they should actively work to gather leads in a way that you’re able to follow up. As soon as someone is on your email list, you’ve got the opportunity to stay in touch with them. Regular messaging is a good way to help people get familiar with your business.

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#4. Have a client-focused portfolio

The demo reel! We all love a cool demo reel, but most of us in video production are not each other’s customers. We appreciate the technical skill and artistry that goes into the video, but a client is more likely to come back to “that’s cool, but what’s in it for me?”

Push your demo reel further down the homepage or to another page. In most cases, it’s not the first thing a client is looking for (again, see our post on effective websites!).

If you have a separate portfolio outlining different projects you have completed, make sure it’s focused. That means picking and choosing so that you’re only displaying your very best work and the type of work that is important to your target audience. Some companies try to put every project into their portfolio. Not only does that get messy, but it can be overwhelming for any potential client that takes a look. Choose your best few pieces.

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5. Use video hosting and social platforms

Where else can you showcase your company and find potential clients online? Video hosting and social media platforms are made for visual media – it’s one advantage you have over companies that would have to start from scratch with creating content for those platforms.

Over 3.81 billion people use social media worldwide. While it’s crowded, it’s still a valid way to reach a wide audience. On most platforms, you can also try some targeted, paid advertising too.

Which platforms should you be on? It’s a good idea to pick just a few because unless you have a marketing team at your disposal, it tends to get difficult to manage too many platforms at once. Going back to your market research, where are your clients most likely to be found? There are a few research companies that can help you out with demographic data for social platforms. Check out Pew Research or Smart Insights for their data.

As for video hosting platforms, judge where you need to be using the same scrutiny. A few popular sites include YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Dailymotion, and Vidyard.

#6. Be active where your clients hang out

Where are your clients hanging out online? This is an important thing to know to be effective with online marketing. It’s not that you want to be out there making a sales pitch all the time (don’t – that gets annoying!), but you do want to be seen as a business (or individual representing the business) who is helpful and knowledgeable.

You can do this by joining in conversations and making a valuable contribution. This might be in forums or social media groups, for example. Every now and then you might be able to make a subtle reference to your work without being “salesy,” so hopefully people will make a connection with you as being someone they should know and trust.


Among video production companies, you’ll probably do well if you can follow these six strategies effectively. There’s no getting away from the fact that people will look for you online, so these strategies give you some control over what people will find and the impression they will form.

Lastly, if you need some help with growing your video production business online, that’s what we’re here for! Hit us up for a free strategy call here