Homepage Content

It’s now time to collect content for your homepage! The following sections all serve a purpose to help convert your website visitors into clients. Please fill out to the best of your ability. If you feel strongly against a section, you can put n/a.

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Step 1 of 5

  • Above the Fold

  • -How will it make their life better?
    -What do you offer?
  • -A sentence or phrase of how your product makes the customer’s life better
    -You can use a testimonial here that does the above
  • What are 3 things your product does that makes your client’s life better or differentiates you from the competition?
  • -What is the next step the visitor needs to do in order to work with you?
    -Examples would be ‘Book Now’, ‘Download eBook’, ‘Schedule Call’
    -Avoid ‘Learn More’, ‘Read More’, and other passive calls to actions
  • -Smiling, happy people enjoying your product
    -Best to avoid slides
    -If YOU are the product (speaker, influencer, writer, etc.), you can add a photo of yourself here
    Drop files here or
  • If you prefer a video instead of an image, please copy and paste the link to the video here. We may request the original video file, so please have that handy just in case.