Website Maintenance

Keep your website up to date with the latest security, daily backups, accurate information, and  hosting. Farewell Media specializes in using best practices and techniques to optimize your website.

Keeping Your Website Safe

According to a study by the University of Maryland, cyber attacks occur at a “nearly constant rate” with an average of one attack every 39 seconds.

In 2017, 55 percent of all small businesses reported that a data breach occurred within the past 12 months.

Google wants what is best for their users. That is a safe and uncompromised website. If your website is hacked, it can hurt your search engine results. Farewell Media provides website security to our clients so you don’t have to worry about any cyberthreat or the potential damage to your search engine ranking. We also provide daily backups of your website. This is your insurance policy on your website. Instead of starting over with your website offline for several weeks or months, we simply go back a day and get your website online again.

Fresh Content, Fresh Results

According to a moz.com article, “On average, 71.33% of searches result in a page one organic click. Page two and three get only 5.59% of the clicks.” Let Farewell Media help you get to the top.

Google wants fresh and relevant search results. It rewards websites that are constantly updating because it benefits their users. Keeping all relevant and important information that your clients want or need to know up to date is critical. Static and outdated pages buries your website in the search results. Making it harder for you clients to find you. You let us know what needs to be updated and Farewell Media does the rest.

Keep Your Website Up To Date

According to WordPress, 80 percent of websites hacks are because the website has not been updated. Most hackers look for known bugs within older versions of themes and plugins. Keeping these up to date is crucial in keeping your website safe. Farewell Media monitors your website to make sure your theme and all of your plugins are the latest versions.

Your website can be so much more than just a line on your business card. Using best practices techniques, keeping your website up to date and protected will help get you ranked in Google so that customers are calling you first. Your website should be bringing you business and we’re here to make sure it does just that.

Ready to start keeping your website relevant?

If you would like to see how our website maintenance package can help you, contact us and we can give you more information. Farewell Media specializes in customized web design and website maintenance. Contact us and start getting more traffic to your website today.