What Is A Responsive Website?


Can your audience view your website on their phone? This should be the FIRST question you ask yourself while analyzing your website. If it isn’t, you should consider optimizing your website for these mobile users.

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responsive website

Check out how your website looks on different devices: Am I Responsive?

responsive website

The term used for a website that is accessible on desktop AND mobile devices is ‘Responsive Web Design’. You don’t want to miss out on a customer or client just because they are searching on a tablet or phone.

More than HALF of Google searches are now happening on mobile devices. If somebody is searching for your services and they are on their phone or tablet (which is now more likely than not) and they go to your site but can’t navigate it, say goodbye to your first impression.

Now don’t get too worried if you haven’t made the move to mobile. Any newish WordPress website themes are now almost exclusively designed with responsive web design in mind.

Here are a few links to find some FREE responsive WordPress templates:

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WordPress.com: Responsive Layout WordPress Themes

With most hosting sites, you can get these sites up and running relatively quickly. So, what are you waiting for?? Get mobile today so your clients can find you with the same effort as making a phone call.

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